Laptop repair
Laptop repair

At Hedy Computers we are your local experts for computer repairs. We are specialists in repair of all computers, including laptops, notebooks, netbooks and tablets. We can repair many laptop faults to bring your laptop back to working order, at a considerably lower cost than replacing it.

It can be seriously worthwhile getting your laptop repaired, as it is generally considerably cheaper than replacing it, and you can maintain your data, software and keep it set up just as you had it – without having to set up a whole new system.

We can repair:

·          Screen repair of broken, cracked, smashed or failed LCD display screens

·          Damaged keyboards, missing keys, replacement keyboards fitted

·          Replacement Hard drives, replacement of failed hard drives, hard drive upgrades, SSD upgrades

·          Software repair & re-installation. System recovery and re-install

·          Data recovery where your laptop has failed and you have lost your data

·          Power socket and other socket repair, replacement of damaged or broken power connectors

·          Screen hinges and casing

·          Liquid damaged laptops

·          Virus removal

·          Computer maintenance clean up and system tune up, to speed up your laptop

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